Heart ‘n Soul

Youth Music Ministry


    Our Youth Music Ministry consists of a group of young vocalists and instrumentalists that have been praising God through their gifts of music and song since 2002.  This group started with a few teens who grew up singing with the Children’s Choir and wanted to continue their worship through music for our parish. 

If you are a teen or young adult, join us!  Bring your voice or your instrument and celebrate the liturgy by giving back your gifts in praise and worship to our God. 

Questions?  contact:

Katey Engel - 610-647-2348

e-mail:  katey.engel@gmail.com


Top: Sammy, Lauren, Alison,

Dianna, Jaye, Natasha,

Nicole, Laura - Fall 2009

Bottom: Carli, Trish, Laura, Lauren, Natasha, Alison, Nicole - Spring 2010

2010-11 Teen Choir

Lauren, Krystal, Alison, Laura, Natasha, Nicole.  Missing is MaryGrace.

Kate Zwaan, Grace McClatchy, Emily D’Antonio, Megan Anderson, Anna Delaney, Corinne Stroup