Planning Your Wedding       

at St. Patrick Parish Malvern, PA


Music for the wedding should be planned jointly by the couple in consultation with the Director of Music.  The emphasis must be on liturgical music - music that derives its context from scriptural sources and, by its very nature, enhances the sacramental union of the couple in Christ.

The singing of hymns and responses by the congregation is an excellent way of inviting those gathered to share in thanksgiving for the occasion as well as to invoke God’s blessing on the bride and groom.  Vocalists have a genuine liturgical ministry, but they should never totally replace the active musical participation of the congregation.  In fact, the vocalist’s first role will be to function as cantor in leading the congregation so that the assembly will feel comfortable and secure in their participation.  Utilized to support congregational singing and also to render solo repertoire at selected moments in the service, the cantor should be integrated into the wedding liturgy in such a way that any semblance of dominating the ceremony as a stage for musical performance is avoided.

The Church has recognized the organ as the principal instrument of divine worship, and St. Patrick Church houses a very fine Este 11 rank pipe organ in an excellent acoustical environment.   This is the very same organ that for so many years served our parish in the “little” church.  It was completely rebuilt and put back to service in 2002.  Organ music can enhance the liturgy by evoking a spirit of joy proper to the celebration of Christian marriage.  Whether used by itself or in conjunction with other instruments, the organ sets the festive tone of the ceremony, especially during the processional and recessional.

Katey Engel

Liturgical Music Director