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Music Director/Organist

The Director of Music at Saint Patrick Church, Katey Engel, will serve as organist and/or principal musician at all weddings.  She is also the principal musician in charge for weddings making use of instruments or ensembles.  As principal musician for the wedding, the Director of Music is entrusted with the task of judging the suitability of musical selections within the context of the Catholic wedding liturgy, and must approve all music and musicians chosen for the ceremony.  The Director of Music also bears the essential responsibility of ensuring the proper performance and timing of the various musical portions of the wedding liturgy.  The Director of Music can be reached at 610.647.2348 or by email: 

Click below to listen to Trumpet,Organ and Violin music for your Processionals and Recessionals

Instrumental Music    Trumpeters:  Brian Dwyer and Kip Smith; Violinist:  Marybeth McCarrick, Flutest:  Susan Chronister, Oboe: Stephanie Benedict and Organist: Katey Engel


Meet Our Vocalists - Click on the names below for a profile and vocal samples.  Listed alphabetically.

      Thomas Chung             Christine Geib                Carmel Kropp                Carmelo Malatino  

                                                             Emily Novak                  Jennifer Riley                   

Within the liturgy there are many moments for sung prayer.  These include the Psalm Response and Alleluia, the responses during the Eucharistic Prayer, and several moments where hymns or vocal solos are possible.  At St. Patrick we maintain an excellent staff of professional singers who are available for your wedding.  These individuals are highly trained, not only in the techniques of singing but also in the art of leading congregational song.  In addition, they are versed in the standard musical repertoire for Saint Patrick weddings, are comfortable with the particular acoustical properties of the church building, and are familiar with the liturgical norms of the parish.  For these reasons they come very highly recommended.  While you are making your selection for your vocalist for your ceremony, it is our strong preference that you retain the services of one of our fine professional cantors.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are considering hiring your own singer (or having a family friend sing) the Music Director must approve all guest singers in advance.  Generally, guest singers will be limited to one or two solo songs, with the remainder of the ceremony sung by one of our experienced cantors.


Katey Engel - Organ & Music Director

Brian Dwyer - Trumpet

Marybeth McCarrick - Violin

Susan Chronister - Flute

Stephanie Benedict - Oboe

Instrumentalists (trumpet, violin, flute, harp, quartet, etc.)maybe used upon approval of, and arrangement with the Director of Music.  The St. Patrick Music Ministry maintains professional relationships with many fine musicians in the area, and it is from this pool that wedding instrumentalists are taken.  If individual instrumentalists are desired, the Director of Music will secure their services for you.