Christine Geib - Vocals

accompanist - Katey Engel

Chris is the principal cantor for Saint Patrick Church.  

She and he husband, Mike moved into St. Patrick Parish

in 1988.  After their two sons Mike Jr. and Mark were

born, Chris decided it was time to join the music ministry.

Chris started singing for weddings back in high school and

continues to sing today.  “I have always thought of singing

for Mass, funerals and weddings, as a service; something

that I could do to give back and contribute to the commun-

ity.  We all have a responsibility to do what we can.  There

are many gifts but the same spirit.  Everyone has some-

thing to offer.”

Sample Wedding Liturgy


Click the song title to listen to Chris.

Entrance Song: 

   Sing a New Song - Schutte

Responsorial Psalm 127

    Blest Are Those Who Love You

Preparation for the Gifts:

    How Beautiful.mp3

Song for the Vows:

    Bridal Prayer.mp3


Communion Hymn:

    Wedding Song (There is Love.mp3

    arranged by Anita Kerr

Dedication to the Blessed Mother

    Ave Maria (Schubert).mp3  or

    Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod).mp3