While there is no place in the liturgy for display of virtuosity for it’s own sake, artistry is valued, and an individual singer can effectively lead the assembly, attractively proclaim the Word of God in the psalm sung between the readings, and take his or her part in other responsorial singing.

If you have been a cantor in the past for another parish or would like to be trained to cantor at  St. Patrick Parish,

please contact us at (610) 647 2348 or e-mail: katey.engel@gmail.com

Thomas Chung

Emily Novak

The presence of such a singer is desirable even in churches which have a choir, for those celebrations in which the choir cannot take part but which may fittingly be performed with some solemnity and therefore with singing.  Although a cantor cannot enhance the service of worship in the same way as a choir, a trained and competent cantor can perform an important ministry by leading the congregation in common sacred song and in responsorial singing.

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The Theology of Sacred Worship

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